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Saturday, 22 October, 2011
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Awaken From Deep Slumber

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Like a dragon that dwells within its den that awakens from deep slumber and a phoenix that rises from its ashes, I am finally revived. I have nothing but apologies to my readers because I left without notice and reasons, but I am now back for greater good.

Earlier before I was on hiatus, I mentioned about how I chose a road diverged in front of me. Indeed, the road chosen leads to a path I never expected, thanks to those who enlightened me. Well, I am now an official UNMC student and the experiences I got from this university is truly worth-while. Great lecturers, facilities and most importantly, awesome bunch of friends. I gotta admit that this university is located in a deserted place, somewhere among the estate. However, it provides a serene environment with nature barricading it - an ideal place to study.

Also, I officially finished my first semester a few days ago and my following semester will commence in a week after that and it is surely a hectic one. Good luck to all my new friends who will be receiving their semester test result as well as to me and Happy Lantern Festival to every Malaysians! I am so going to get myself loads of mooncake!

Have you ever seen this one-of-a-kind mooncake before?
Mmm, yummylicious! xD
Be careful while playing with tanglung or else you might end up like this guy :P
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JPA Scholarship, Again

Sunday, June 13, 2010
JPA PIDN scholarship result was announced last Friday evening and I was chosen as one of their scholars for IPTA. Yes, that means I am offered to continue study at Selangor Matriculation College for the next nine months. I wonder whats the point of giving us this scholarship when I am already studying in this matriculation college and the fees are free to start with? Is this a back up plan for JPA if we, the non-bumis complains to the government? They are giving me extra allowances only in exchange for a few years bond with our government. For this very reason, I am hesitating to accept their offer.

Scholarship aside, yesterday was the election day of JPP (Jawatankuasa Perwakilan Pelajar) for my college. There were only two non-bumis candidates took part in it, which were Tan Phui Khuun and Jaswant Singh and both of them won it!! Of yeah, this is going to make our life here so much easier and comfortable!

Well, thats all for now. Will be updating when I have time later. =)
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Shell Scholarship Phone Interview

Wednesday. June 9, 2010
I just had my Shell Scholarship phone interview this morning! I received a call from them two days ago telling me that I am selected for this first round interview. I was quite shocked, happy and surprised by this news, nevertheless, I do not put much hope in it because I know the selection is very stringent and they really select the creme de la creme only. The whole session was divided into three parts: my achievements that I am proud of, relationships and open topic. The open topic was the hardest part albeit I already expected the topics (same topics as last year). I was drilled hard and asked to think the solutions and problems from the perspective of a global company, Shell, by the interviewer. The shower of questions landed on me made me so nervous that I failed to answer all of them and the interviewer was so eloquent that I really need to open my ears to catch up with what he was trying to convey.

The whole interview took me about 30 minutes and it was an exhausting one. Plus, the line at KMS is "toying" me: the voice was unclear and I had a hard time listening to the instructions. Over all, I enjoyed and appreciate the whole session and I sincerely thank Shell for giving me this opportunity and acknowledge me as a candidate worth to be interviewed.

Well, thats all for now. JPA appeal result will be announced this coming Friday. Hopefully it will be a good news for me. Wish me luck! =)
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Life At Matriculation

Saturday, May 15, 2010
So far the life at KMS is okay. The facilities are not complete yet: no laundry service, no iron provided, no library yet, no gym, and most importantly, this place is so super damn hot. Nevertheless, I tried my best to have fun. I joined in the choir team to sing for the Closing Ceremony for MPPB(Majlis Penutupan Pelajar Baru) and became the keyboardist accidentally. More photos will come later. Yesterday was the last day of my torturing orientation week and I made it through!! I got some new friends and they are all great people, especially the chinese and indians. I will officially commence my lectures next week. Wish me luck yea!

Well, thats all for now. I will update more when I have time later.
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To Never Look Back..

Sunday, May 9, 2010
I had never thought that making a decision is that hard and painful until now. All the while, I had been the one giving advices and guiding them to decide their future pathways at recom. Ironically, I am the one that needs enlightenment desperately: to accept matriculation offer or to fork out parents' money to study A-level. Yes, I turned down the offer to pursue Telecommunication Engineering under Electrical Engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) because this is not my desired course.

I was told by seniors to gather the pros and cons of both matriculation and A-level and make my decision based on where I would like to study at in future. After contemplating all aspects, I decided to challenge the less favorable road - matriculation. Since God intervened my initial plan and gave me this chance, I figured that it is better for me to grab it rather than feeling disgruntled that I will lose my chance to pursue my undergraduate study overseas, scholarships application, so on and so forth. One will never know what is at the end of the tunnel before he or she go through it and I believe that whichever choice I made, the light awaits me.

I will strive and I will conquer.

Also, I want to thank my friends that were willing to hear my thoughts and gave me some of their insights on the choices available. I really appreciate the advices you all gave me and it helped me a lot. As cliche as it may sound, nobody is a better decision-maker other than yourself. Be wise in making it and never look back after that.

Food for thought and a quote to share: dream for the star, stay on the ground.

Well, that's all for now. I'll try my best to update my blog, if I got internet access there. KMS, here I come! =)
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High School Memorable Events Part II

Thursday, May 6, 2010
*Sets up microphone and speaker* *Episode starts in three, two, one... go*

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Its me, Ke Yang again! I know you guys missed me. Don't deny it. Yes its you. Don't look at the one beside you, its not him or her. I mean you, the one that is reading it right now. Hahaha! Now that I am here, allow me to present you the second episode of Fun Times of 5 Science 1, 2009. *Drum rolls*

#3 Vikhna versus Ho @ 5 Science 1
These two are the "friendly enemies" to each other ever since Form 1 or maybe even earlier(from primary school). They always teases one another, especially Ho that teases Vikhna by creating all sorts of "nicknames" for her. Lets see what nicknames vikhna got:

Bookgenapriya --> vikhnapapaya ---> vikhnapriakkk --> (Places reserved for more to come, anyone got more to add on? LOL!)

Not to forget Ho used to tease Vikhna about her darker-coloured skin among the Indians in our class. There was one time when we attended the prefects' dinner at the hall of my school(we were prefects). When Ho saw Vikhna, he went over and teased her again:

Ho: Vikhna, if you go out now, nobody will see you except your eyes and your teeth.
Us: *Giggles*
Vikhna: *Smiles fakely* *Reached out her hand and wanted to hit Ho*
Ho: *Dodges*

You guys should know which one is her with my splendid, brilliant and perfect description! ;)
And then there's the teasing part during the vocational and technique week where Vikhan teamed up with Khartia to cook fried rice. Shhh, its against the rules, don't tell others about it. We sneaked to the area by using our prefect's right illegally and took some pictures. Hehe!

Ho: Madam Vikhna, you look like a mum!
Us: *Laughs*
Vikhna: *Takes the square turner and warns Ho to keep his mouth zipped before she whips him with the turner*

Vikhna, you got the mama look and the potential to be a good housewife!
Ah, this is endless. I guess I will stop it here for now.


#4 Talkative class @ 5 Science 1
Our talkative nature is intrinsic and undeniable. We are the noisiest and the most playful class ever existed. We can talk at everywhere: when teacher is teaching in front, during tuition class and even at EXAM TIMES!! Well, its PJK exam but who cares, we talked anyway. Pity Pn. Anizawati(the teacher in charge) as she got a headache in keeping us as silent as possible.

One of the most talkative person I have ever met, especially when he's in our class, is our beloved Ho. The way he greeted the teachers will leave a deep impression on them. The best example is with our dear Pn. Fazidah (BM teacher).

Teacher: *Enters the class*
Class monitor: Bangun, selamat pagi, cikgu.
Ho: *Especially loud* SELAMAT PAGI, CIKGU!!
Teacher: *Frightened with her hand on her chest*
Us: *Laughs*

Small note to teachers: If you got heart attack, demand a reimbursement from Ho. (Touch wood) =D

He even talked a lot when teacher is teaching in class. Don't believe me? Have a look on the picture below then.
Caught ya! What is your explanation this time? =P
I on the other hand, is the most quiet one in the class. *Ahem ahem* You didn't read it wrongly. Its me!
I knew you all will not believe me. Hmph! I can proof it!
See, I am concentrating in class. Hohoho~
Opps, my cover is blown.. xD Nono, we are not looking at stuffs that you all think. We are good boys, you know. *Wink wink*
High school had been great for me. I went through the ups and downs with my friends. We persevered and endured every trial and tribulations together. Thank you my friends for everything that you all gave me. I will never forget the moment we shed tears together, be it tears of happiness or sadness, the moment we broke the school rules and had fun. You all will be in my heart and always be my best friends forever. Until then, farewell and take care my friends, as we embark on different roads. Wish you all good luck in your future endeavours. =)

Well, thats all for now. This special edition will be on hiatus for now. Stay tuned when its up again. Thank you guys for supporting me! See you all soon! *Curtain closes*
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